Silica Ramming Mass Premixed with Boron Oxide

Silica Ramming Mass Premixed with Boron Oxide

Item Code: ADRAM-IN-BR

We are offering wide range of Silica Ramming Mass Premixed with Boron Oxide. Silica Ramming Mass belongs to Acid group of refractories and is made from the purest raw materials available in this country. Very high purity of raw material gives high refractoriness to the mass. The mass has tendency to expand at about 800°C and this characteristic gives a very compact lining, showing high resistance to erosion and corrosion. The expansion tendency being reversible, crack formation during cooling does not occur.


Grain size0 to 4 mm 0 to 6mm
Grain ShapeSubangular to subrounded
SiO2 Content99.5% ( 0.3%)
Fe2O3less than 0.05%
P.C.E.Between 32 & 32 ½ Orton Cone
Apperant Bulk density2.2gms/ cc.

Other Details:

  • Silica Ramming Mass is prepared after many years of experience and experiments in different ramming masses.
  • Having experience of decades in mining and mineral trade helps us in procuring most suitable raw material available in this country.
  • Higher purity ensures better refractoriness at higher temperature and gives good wear resistance combined with good corrosion resistance.
  • Ideal grain distribution gives optimum compactness on ramming and forms complete monolithic crucible on sintering.
  • The material has practically no free Iron particles and chemically combined Fe2O3 is less than 0.05%
  • Silica Ramming Mass is suitable for different types and sizes of Induction furnaces requiring acidic lining.
  • Special material can be prepared as per gradation desired by the user.
  • Usually material is available from ready stock.
  • The material does not need any sintering agent. It is premixed ( Boron Oxide ) as per customer requirement.
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